Top Tourist SIM Card in the Philippines: Smart, Globe, and DITO


Tourist Sim Card Philippines

Top Tourist SIM Card in the Philippines: Smart, Globe, and DITO

When traveling to the Philippines, it’s important to stay connected with friends and family, navigate your way around, and have access to important information. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing a local SIM card.

Here are some of the best tourist SIM cards in the Philippines:

  1. Smart Tourist SIM – This SIM card offers affordable rates for calls, texts, and data. It also includes a free SIM card, and discounts on partner hotels and services.
    Validity Data Price
    7 Days 4GB P349
    15 Days 8GB P699
    30 Days 12GB P999
    30 Days 24GB P1499
    30 Days 36GB P1999

    Inclusions: Unlimited calls and test to ALL NETWORKS+PLDT Landline.


  2. Globe Traveler SIM – This SIM card provides affordable rates for international calls and texts, as well as high-speed data. It also comes with a free SIM card and discounts on partner services.
    Validity Data Price
    7 Days 10GB P300
    15 Days 20GB P500
    30 Days 40GB P1000

    Inclusions: Unli All Net Texts, Unli All Net Calls, FREE GInsure


  3. DITO Telecom Tourist SIM – This SIM card offers affordable rates for calls, texts, and data, as well as a free SIM card and discounts on partner services.
    Validity Data Price
    30 Days 7GB P99
    30 Days 16GB P199
    30 Days 28GB P299
    30 Days 55GB P499
    30 Days 120GB P999

    Inclusions: Unli DITO to DITO Calls; 300 mins call to toher mobile networks, Unli text to all networks.

When choosing a tourist SIM card in the Philippines, it’s important to consider your specific needs and the services offered by the different providers. Each of these SIM cards offer great deals, discounts and services for tourists, so you can make the most out of your trip to Philippines.

Tourist Sim Card Philippines

Where to buy Tourist Sim Card in the Philippines?

Tourist SIM cards can be purchased in the Philippines at the airports, major malls, and convenience stores. They can also be purchased from official retailers or authorized dealers of the major telecommunications providers such as Globe, Smart and DITO Telecom. They are also available at authorized dealers located in tourist hotspots such as Boracay, Palawan, and Cebu. Tourist SIM cards are also available online through e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee and other online platforms. It’s recommended to check with the provider for the availability of the sim card in your location.

The major telecommunications providers in the Philippines typically announce their promos and packages on their official websites, social media accounts and through SMS and email campaigns. You can check their websites such as Globe, Smart and DITO Telecom for the latest promotions, packages, and pricing. They also have customer service hotlines that you can call to inquire about their current promos and offers. Additionally, you can also check the local newspapers or flyers for any promotions or discounts.

Keep in mind that most of the promotions are time-limited, so it’s best to check regularly for the most recent offers.

Philippines Sim Card Providers

Smart Telecom
Tourist Sim Card In The Philippines Globe Telecom
Dito Telecom

Inter-Network Calling in the Philippines: Connecting Across Telecommunication Networks

In the Philippines, calling between different telecommunications networks, known as inter-network or interconnection calls, is a common practice. Telecommunication companies in the country, such as Smart Communications, Globe Telecom, and Dito Telecommunity, have established interconnection agreements to allow their customers to call users on other networks.

These interconnection agreements enable customers of one network to make calls to subscribers of another network seamlessly. For instance, if you are a Smart subscriber, you can make calls to users on Globe or Dito networks, and vice versa.

When making inter-network calls, it’s important to note that standard call rates may apply. It’s advisable to check your specific mobile plan or consult with your service provider to understand any applicable charges for calling other networks.

Overall, interconnection agreements between Philippine telecommunication companies enable customers to communicate with ease, regardless of the network they are subscribed to, fostering connectivity and convenience in the country’s telecommunications landscape.

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