Discover the Magic of Bohol: Experience the Enchantment of a Loboc River Cruise

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Discover the Magic of Bohol: Experience the Enchantment of a Loboc River Cruise

Discover the Magic of Bohol: Experience the Enchantment of a Loboc River Cruise

Embark on a journey through the heart of Bohol and experience the enchantment of a Loboc River Cruise. As you explore the wonders of this captivating destination, let Saferide Car Rental be your guide to convenience and comfort in the Philippines.

Introduction to Bohol

Bohol, nestled in the Visayas region of the Philippines, is a treasure trove of natural beauty and cultural heritage. From the iconic Chocolate Hills to the adorable tarsiers, Bohol beckons travelers from around the globe to explore its wonders.

Overview of Loboc River Cruise

The Loboc River Cruise stands out as a highlight of any visit to Bohol. It offers a serene yet captivating journey through lush landscapes and rich history, making it a must-do activity for tourists.

History and significance of Loboc River

The Loboc River holds deep historical and cultural significance for the people of Bohol. It served as a vital waterway for trade and transportation during the Spanish colonial era, shaping the island’s development.

Planning your Loboc River Cruise

Booking options

Travelers have a range of options when it comes to booking their Loboc River Cruise. Whether you prefer a private excursion or a group tour, numerous tour operators offer packages to suit your preferences and budget.

What to expect

As you embark on your cruise, expect to be greeted by the soothing melodies of traditional music. A buffet lunch featuring local delicacies awaits onboard, promising a culinary journey through Bohol’s flavors.

Checking current rates

The current rate for the Loboc River Cruise is P1,000 per person. For the most up-to-date information on rates and availability, you can visit the official Facebook page of Loboc Bohol Tourism at

Exploring the enchanting sights along the river

Lush greenery

As your boat glides along the river, immerse yourself in the beauty of Bohol’s lush jungles. Towering trees and vibrant foliage create a picturesque backdrop for your journey.

Unique wildlife

Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive Philippine tarsier, known for its large eyes and tiny stature. The forests along the riverbanks are also home to a variety of bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers.

Cultural experiences

Disembark at various points along the river to explore local villages and interact with residents. From traditional dances to craft demonstrations, these cultural experiences offer insight into Bohol’s rich heritage.

Delving into the local cuisine

Indulge in a feast of Bohol’s culinary delights as you enjoy a buffet lunch onboard. From fresh seafood to tropical fruits, the onboard menu showcases the best of Bohol’s cuisine.

Activities during the cruise

Live music performances

Sit back and relax as talented musicians serenade you with traditional Filipino music. Let the rhythmic beats of the kulintang and the melodic strains of the rondalla transport you to another time.

Optional activities

For the adventurous souls, optional activities such as kayaking or paddleboarding are available. Explore hidden coves and tranquil lagoons, or simply bask in the beauty of your surroundings.

Sustainability and environmental efforts

Tour operators along the Loboc River are committed to preserving the natural beauty of this pristine ecosystem. Sustainable practices and environmental initiatives ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy this magical destination.

Tips for an unforgettable experience

  • Book in advance: Secure your spot on the cruise by booking ahead, especially during peak seasons.
  • Arrive early: Beat the crowds and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the riverbank before boarding.
  • Bring a camera: Capture the stunning scenery and precious moments of your cruise to cherish forever.
  • Respect local customs: Be mindful of cultural norms and traditions when interacting with residents.
  • Leave no trace: Help preserve the beauty of the river by disposing of waste responsibly and respecting wildlife habitats.


Embark on a journey through the heart of Bohol with a Loboc River Cruise and discover the magic that awaits along its enchanting waters. Let Saferide Car Rental ensure that your travel experience in the Philippines is convenient, comfortable, and unforgettable.

Is the Loboc River Cruise suitable for children?

Yes, the cruise is family-friendly and suitable for all ages. Children will especially enjoy the cultural performances and delicious food.

Can I swim in the river during the cruise?

Swimming is not recommended during the cruise due to safety concerns and environmental regulations.

Are restrooms available onboard the floating restaurants?

Yes, all floating restaurants are equipped with restroom facilities for the convenience of passengers.

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